Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can we get a fire truck to attend a function that we are holding? Please call the Pensacola Fire Department Administrative Office at 850-436-5200. Please call two weeks in advance.
  2. Can the fire department fill my pool? No, these activities have been restricted by the water company.
  3. Does the fire department offer CPR/First Aid courses? No, please contact the Red Cross or the American Heart Association.
  4. Can I burn the leaves and grass clippings in the city limits? No.
  5. How many fire stations do we have in the city limits? Six.
  6. What does it mean when my smoke detector chirps? The smoke alarm will chirp when it’s time to replace the battery. We encourage residents to change the smoke alarm battery when they change their clocks for Daylight Saving time in the spring and fall each year.
  7. When reporting a FIRE emergency, what do I tell the dispatcher? To report a fire, remain calm and provide the dispatcher with the following:
  • 1. Where the fire is located.
  • 2. What is on fire.
  • 3. Who is in danger or trapped.
  • 4. How the fire began.
  • 5. Give brief details about the fire. (Example: odor, smoke, or flames)